Our 2022 Victorian Valentine Tea is available for pick up only, as our building remains closed due to Covid.

This is the only menu item, other than orders of scones,

which will be available on these dates.

Victorian Valentine Tea
for Back Porch Pick Up 

Valentine Tea Logo.png
February 12-13, 2022
This presentation-ready* tea will be served on our bespoke tiered stand with paper cover.  Other courses will be packaged, ready to serve, in a tote bag.

Choice of loose-leaf tea in a tea filter bag
(see list on menu)

Sparkling Apple Cider

Cupid's Delight Salad
(baby greens with roasted beets, goat's cheese, and candied walnuts with a vinaigrette dressing)

White Velvet Soup
(creamy potato and white vegetable soup with lemon)

Tiered stand:
Chicken Salad with Dried Cherries on mini croissant, Open-faced Devilled Egg,
Cucumber with Herbed Cream Cheese, Greek Artichoke 
with cream, jam and lemon curd

Ham and Honey-Mustard Pinwheel, Mozzarella Pesto Mousse filled Campari Tomato

Fruit, berries, and treats to dip in Dark Chocolate Fondue, 
served in an individual candle-warmed crock in a metal stand
Also included with each meal is a package of pink rose petals to scatter on your table
$55 per person
*All you'll need to serve this tea is a place setting:  a cup for the soup, plate, tea cup and saucer or mug, beverage glass, silverware, and napkin, and hot water to prepare the tea.  Just warm up the soup and scone, and enjoy!