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The Secret Garden
Tea Room & Gift Shop

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Plan for Re-opening

Unfortunately, our timeline for reopening our building has been waylaid by a foot wound that despite a year and a half of medical care, has recently worsened.  We have (in our spare time) been working to convert our building back into a full-service restaurant, with fresh paint, new flooring in some areas and a rearrangement of our floor plan, but all projects have been put on hold while the wound heals.  

We have come to the realization that our pre-pandemic business model is not going to work in the post-pandemic world. Things have changed a lot in the last three costs, labor shortages, and health and safety practices, not to mention that we are older and have less desire to regularly work 16 hour days! 

Please see the information below regarding the changes we will be implementing as we begin to move forward.

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Inside Dining

We do not have any projected date to reopen for inside dining.  Mark's foot injury, along with the current high food costs and the shortage of food service workers are huge challenges for our family-operated small business.  We are unwilling to compromise our standards of food quality and in-house dining service, so will be continuing to offer only pick up meals at this time.  

Outside Dining

We have a picnic area in our front garden where you are welcome to enjoy your pick up order onsite.  There are several tables for two and three tables that will seat 4-6 people.  We can also bring out banquet tables to seat larger parties by prior arrangement.  There is a self-service station with hot water for tea, as well as disposable cups, plates, cutlery and napkins. 


Please let us know when placing your order if you wish to use the picnic area so we are prepared for you.


Our back porch entrance to the building can be opened for access to the restroom - just call us so we can let you inside.  Masks are required inside the building, so please come prepared.  

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