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secret garden tea tours

small group tours with an emphasis on afternoon tea
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 The women who travel with Secret Garden Tea Tours come from all over the USA, and while they range in age from 25 to 80, most tend to be between 50 and 75.  Some are married, while many are single or widowed.  Men are welcome to join our tours too, and in fact, we have a father/daughter duo who have traveled with us several times!

Some of our guests are solo travelers, while others come with a sister, mother or friends. They all love to travel and to live life to its fullest, without taking unnecessary risks; no bungee jumping or deep sea diving on our tours!  We take care of all the logistics and trip planning, so the worries and fears can be left behind.  


Our guests are fun-loving, educated, well-read women who are active and enjoy new experiences.   Their hobbies generally include entertaining, gardening, the home arts and food (especially Afternoon Tea) and although they come from a wide variety of professions, including homemaking, many are retired.  With so many common interests, we find our groups bond very quickly and many close friendships are formed.  We love to see that ladies who met on one of our tours are now travelling across country to visit each other.  We set up Facebook groups for all our multi-day tours for sharing photos and to make it easy to stay in touch.



Secret Garden Tea Tours is a family owned and operated travel business that has provided extraordinary trips for small group tea lovers. I will be taking my third trip with them this fall to New England. Even though a young company, the attention to detail, things to do and see with pleasant and cozy accommodations is 1st Class. There are no "hidden costs or fees" and any problems or unexpected changes that may arise during each trip are handled promptly with benefit to the whole group. Do yourself a favor and book a trip with them soon. I highly recommend it.



My first Secret Garden Tea Tour was to Canada in 2016. What a delightful time!!! This particular blend of people couldn’t have been better. What a joy it was to share this time and experiences with each of these wonderful ladies. Thank you girls, Beth and Mark for making this trip such a blessing!

Beth and Mark were very well organized though perfectly able to make adjustments as necessary. Their passion for tea and the tea experience, patience, organization, map reading and good humor just made the trip that much more  enjoyable. Beth did a great job of offering different and unique tea and dining experiences. Have you ever had a formal tea at a National Park? This was definitely very special and onlookers enjoyed our experience too.

We had time to do a variety of things in addition to our tea parties—explore on our own, people watch, browse, shop, rest, catch up on emails and Facetime, see the natural beauty of any of the areas visited, etc. And the people we encountered, whether they were the ones making our teas special or people we encountered along the way, each contributed to this marvelous experience.

I hope you are able to experience a Secret Garden Tea Tour yourself. Very fond memories continue to come to mind even after many months.


You have done an excellent job on planning the tours and an excellent tour guide that took us to places in England that I would not have seen on my past trips to England. There was such a variety of High Tea’s that we attended and each one seemed like they outdid the other one!! That was the one thing that I so looked forward to doing. I was paired up with a very good roommate. The castles were something to see. Taking the tours that you planned is by far better than going on a cruise!!




Just want to share what an exceptional experience I had on The Secret Garden Tea Tour to England. We began at the Queen's castle in Windsor and literally stayed directly across the road! Each morning we had a traditional English breakfast and every day experienced a new Tea Room with various delicious high tea settings. Very memorable was the one at The Potteries and the "Mad Hatter Tea Party." The fun sharing the trip with a small group of other like minded women (with one male chaperone) and getting around like the locals on train and subway was very exciting. The Bath historic area where we enjoyed a lovely spa evening was so stunning as we watched the sun set in the warm pool. Elizabeth has such wonderful connections there, especially in the Cotswolds, to guide us and share their stories. And then there is London....of course Big Ben, the changing of the Guard, double decker buses and so many live theater shows!! I was lucky to see the Railway Children and a premier show in the Shakespeare theater. So many wonderful memories....just the ticket I needed at the right time. I highly recommend the Secret Garden Tea Tours and of course, the Tea Room itself is exquisite. The tea settings in Elizabeth's home rival any we had in England, and ....she now has gluten-free with lemon curd and scones to die for! Thank you Elizabeth and family!

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