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secret garden tea tours

small group tours with an emphasis on afternoon tea
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Date:    Tuesday, September 28, 2021

8:00 am to 8:00 pm


Tour starts and ends at The Secret Garden in Sumner, however if you would be joining us from Seattle or anywhere north, we can arrange a pick up and drop off location in Issaquah

$180 per person

Join us for a day of shopping in Leavenworth, the charming Bavarian-style village deep in the Cascade Mountains.  We will leave Sumner at 8:00 am and will enjoy a cup of hot tea and harvest muffin as we travel over both Snoqualmie and Blewitt mountain passes.  Hopefully there will be some beautiful fall color developing at the higher elevations.  

We will make a stop along the way to tour a famous Northwest candy factory, and then should arrive in Leavenworth around 12:00 and you will have free time to enjoy a light lunch, enjoy sipping fine wine at the tasting rooms and do some early Christmas shopping in the many charming boutiques.

At 3:30, you will meet us in the gazebo in Front Street Park, right in the heart of Leavenworth, for a formal afternoon picnic tea.  You'll have a little more time for last minute purchases while we pack up the van and then you can relax on the drive home.  We should arrive back in Sumner about 8:00pm.

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Price includes: 

All group transportation, snack and afternoon tea

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