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What is diamond painting? Diamond painting (also known as diamond art, 3D or 5D diamond art) is a craft project/hobby that's a bit like paint-by-number and cross stich, in which you apply tiny resin "diamonds" to a preprinted, coded canvas to create colorful, shimmery, mosaic-style paintings. Our curated collection of diamond paintings are chosen for the fine artwork and good design that you will be proud to display in your home. and we select each piece in their optimal size to show all the details.


How do I begin? In each kit, you will receive an adhesive coated, printed canvas, diamonds (either square or round), and the tools needed to complete your canvas. To begin, you unroll your canvas and peel back a corner of the plastic covering. Select a diamond color that is encoded on the canvas, pour some of the diamonds into the sorting tray and give it a gentle shake to get the diamonds right side up. Pick up your diamond stylus, press it into the wax pad to make the tip sticky, and then pick up a diamond and deposit it on the corresponding symbol on the canvas. Repeat until the section you are working on is filled in, dipping into the wax as needed, then peel back more of the protective covering and work the next section. Repeat until the canvas is complete. Place the plastic covering back over the painting and use a rolling pin to press the diamonds into the canvas and lock them in place.

What is the difference in round and square diamonds? Round diamonds are slightly larger than square diamonds, so it takes fewer to cover the canvas, and are a bit more forgiving for a beginner as they do not have to be placed quite as precisely. Canvases with square diamonds have more of a cross stitch appearance when finished since they fit tightly together, but do take a more time to complete.

What do I do with a completed diamond painting? We suggest that you take your diamond painting to a hobby/craft shop for mounting on foam board. We recently took several projects to Hobby Lobby and were delighted to discover that they can heat seal the canvas when mounting it, so no sealant is necessary. They can then mat the painting so that it will fit into a standard-sized frame or they can also custom frame your work. Glass is not necessary with this process, which helps keep the framing cost down. The framed version of Margaret's Bicycle above was done at Hobby Lobby.

How do I seal a canvas? If you are not planning to mount your diamond art, we recommend sealing completed canvases with Modge Podge Super Gloss-Brilliant. (We do not recommend using the glitter version of Modge Podge.) Check out Pinterest for lots of ideas!

See our Pinterest board "Diamond Art" for more ideas, as well as tips and tricks!

Diamond Painting

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